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Useful Information



Golf Carts and Other Vehicles

bullet Obey all traffic laws; golf carts are licensed motor vehicles and are subject to the same laws as your car.
bullet DO NOT drink and drive.
bullet No open containers of alcohol in any vehicle.
bullet Yield the road to larger and faster moving vehicles.
bullet DO NOT drive on the marked bike paths along the sides of the road.
bullet Respect private property; island property is owned by residents.
bullet Wear seatbelts at all times.
bullet Monitor children and use appropriate child restraint seats.
bullet Drivers must have a valid driver's license; children are not permitted to drive.
bullet Motor vehicles need to have valid registration to operate on the road;  new golf carts can be inspected by the Put-in-Bay Police Department, prior to the BMV issuing a license plate.
bullet Read all rental contracts carefully.
bullet What you might think is fun now, may be costly later.






bullet Follow policies set by the ferries; violations may be subject to violations of federal law and subject to severe penalties.
bullet You and your property may be subject to search prior to entry onto the ferries.
bullet No open containers of alcohol are permitted on the ferries, the parks, the docks (except on docked boats) or any other public place outside of the bars.
bullet No urinating or defecating in any public area other than in a restroom.
bullet No sleeping in the park.  If you miss the last ferry off the island, you may sleep in the Jet Express Pavilion.
bullet You must have valid state identification to enter the bars; the Put-in-Bay Police Department does not provide age confirmation for persons to enter bars.
bullet Taxi cabs are available at a reasonable price.
bullet Out-of-country boaters must register with INS via a videophone located at the Bathhouse near the downtown docks.
bullet Drink RESPONSIBLY.
bullet Use common sense, don't do something here that you would not do at home.



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