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Put-in-Bay Police Specialized Divisions




Marine Patrol Unit

The Put-in-Bay Marine Patrol Unit is responsible for patrol the waterways surrounding the islands of Put-in-Bay.  Put-in-Bay Township is the largest township in the state of Ohio, and most of it is water.  The Marine Patrol Unit also responds to various emergency calls not only to vessels in distress, but also to emergencies on the various islands of Put-in-Bay Township.  This also includes transporting Emergency Medical Service Paramedics to and from emergency calls on the various islands of Put-in-Bay Township.

The Marine Patrol Unit is also in communication with the Department of Homeland Security and forwards suspicious activity for further investigation.  The waters of Put-in-Bay Township boarder Canadian waters, which is only a few miles north of North Bass Island.


Another responsibility is for the Put-in-Bay Marine Patrol Unit to provide Safety Checks on vessels.  More laws and information is available on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Boaters Guide website.





Bike Patrol Unit

The Put-in-Bay Police Bike Patrol Unit assists in its versatility to respond to calls quickly, but to give the benefits of foot patrol.  The Put-in-Bay Bike Patrol Unit is frequently seen in congested areas where there is a likely possibility of a quick response needed in the area.




Juvenile Unit

The Put-in-Bay Police Department Juvenile Unit is responsible for the education of the children and teenagers of the community.  The Put-in-Bay Police Department Juvenile Unit also works directly with Ottawa County Prosecutors if charges are appropriate for a particular situation involving minors.  The goal of the Juvenile Unit is to educate minors, before they reach adult age, where criminal charges would potentially follow the person around the rest of their lives. 


The Juvenile Unit encourages parents to take active roles in the lives of their children and caution parents to not have the mentality of "My Kid Wouldn't Do That".  The Juvenile Unit is always available to assist parents and children in education about the problems that face teenagers today.




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